The James Bentley Whiskey Glass

A state of the art design to indulge your senses and enhance your whiskey drinking experience forever.


The James Bentley VRIDE Crystal Scotch Glass

A one of a kind, old fashioned, and ergonomically sculptured masterpiece.
This treasure feels like the pinnacle civility and a rebellious conquest of modern day design.

This formidable whiskey glass will challenge and tame even the most robust spirits.

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Time well spent

The James Bentley Company was created with the bold intention of being inviting and innovative to the novice.

While exciting and extraordinary to the experienced.

We knew when we started this journey you be here.


The Star Crystal Whiskey Glass

Each whiskey glass is hand-blown in order to produce a perfectly curved, stylish, and sleek design. 

The gravity and allure of this glass will carry your spirt a 100,000 miles away into another world. 

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Customer reviews

  • Laura Hopper (Top reviewer)

    I ordered these for my brothers birthday as a cost effective alternative to the Norlan glasses and I am IMPRESSED. I own a set of Nor... which I love (he owns one...shipping incident so I had a spare I gave him) and by examination these glasses are very comparable, but seem a little heavier which is nice. They also ship in a thick cardboard box packed with styrofoam, so my fears when I saw a bubble wrap soft package on my porch were quickly mitigated. No broken glass, which is more than I can say for my experiences ordering other fine glasses. The ice molds are a nice touch. Highly recommend.

  • M. Taylor (Top reviewer)

    I really like these glasses. They're lightweight (in a good way) and a pleasure to drink from. I like their feel and heft. The ridges on the bottom do enhance aroma when drinking neat. I have a set of Norlan as well (a gift) and they _are_ quite nice. However, when I looked into getting more, I thought these were a better value and worth trying. I'm not disappointed. There's a sweet spot for drinkware where the vessel does enhance the experience but they aren't so expensive that you cry when they break. These are solidly in that sweet spot.

  • Robert C Taylor

    Well designed and durable, considering it is glass. thicker than other premium glass makers, Insulates well in case you want a cold drink on ice.

James Bentley

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