The Design

According to science, whiskey affects a set of nerve receptors in our nose and mouth.

The compound responsible for the stimulation of these nerve receptors in whiskey is called ethanol.
When these receptors are overstimulated, we feel the sensation of "burning" when drinking whiskey.
Making the novice whiskey drinker shy away from the burn or the more advance imbiber miss out on hidden flavors and characteristics of their whiskey.
The implementation to make the perfect glass to solve this problem was complicated and challenging; as the traditional glass molds were not able to produce the desired results.

Therefore, a new and complex casting technique had to be developed in order to create the perfect whiskey experience.

We believe the time we invested in our glass was well spent. 
See for yourself.
You will not want to drink whiskey out of any other glass after you try ours.


-James Bentley Company